Sports Camps Packages

Children`s camp packagePRICE
Accommodation in Kääriku hotel32,00€ day
Accommodation in Sports hostel29,00€ day
Accommodation in Team Cabin34,00€ day
Accommodation in Ööd Hotel75,00€ day
Training camp packagePRICE
Accommodation in Kääriku hotel38,00€ day
Accommodation in Sports hostel35,00€ day
Accommodation in Team Cabin40,00€ day
Accommodation in Ööd Hotel81,00€ day


  • prices include VAT
  • packages include accommodation, catering (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and use of sports facilites according to booking schedule
  • children`s sports packages are targeted at customers under age of 13
  • packages are applicable for groups at least with 10 persons
  • packages are applicable for the camps that last at least 4 days
  • packages are implemented with the principle that the rooms used staying for nights are staffed full
  • packages include accommodation (including catering) for coaches (1 coach per 15 person)
  • additional discounts do not apply to packages price list
  • seasonal holiday packages, catering, accommodation and other services price list is established by the board of Tehvandi Sport Center Foundation and it is published on foundation`s webpage ja Kääriku Sports Center webpage

Info and booking: +372 766 5600